Donut Cushion for Pressure Relief [Orthopaedic Ring Seat Cushion] WELLANDS


Stop Suffering From Painful and Debilitating Conditions – Give yourself a simple, natural and effective way to relieve pain. Donut cushions are recommended by doctors and physiotherapists worldwide for effective relief when sitting.

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Donut Cushion for Pressure Relief: Orthopaedic Ring Seat Cushion Treatment for Haemorrhoids, Piles, Bed Sores Ulcers, Prostate, Coccyx, Tailbone, Back, Sciatica, Pregnancy, Post Natal Sitting Pillows

  • Portable and Lightweight – Use in your home office as a desk chair cushion, on the road as a car seat cushion or as a wheelchair cushion. Adequately supports weights up to 100kg (16 stone)
  • Designed for Maximum Comfort and Support – Carefully considered dimensions and medical foam cushion firmness have been engineered to provide you the perfect butt cushion for alleviating painful conditions while remaining durable and supportive as a post surgery cushion.
  • Additional Support for Your Back – If you struggle with back pain you’ll benefit from a carefully considered coccyx cut out; the perfect donut cushion for tailbone pain
  • Tested Against the Competition – There are many medical donut cushions and butt donuts on the market and many of them have been tested by us. We believe this doughnut cushion provides that perfect balance between comfort and support that you’ll feel the benefits immediately.


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