Now Foods Lecithin Granules 454gm


Lecithin is a naturally occurring compound found in all cells in nature, plant and animal

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Our brain is approximately 30% lecithin. The insulating myelin sheaths that protect the brain, spine and thousands of miles of nerves in your body are almost two-thirds lecithin. Even the heart has a high concentration of lecithin. Lecithin is composed of many naturally occurring components, including choline, inositol, linoleic acid, phosphatidyl serine, fatty acids and triglycerides. Now Non-GMO Lecithin Granules are derived entirely from non-genetically modified soybeans that have been Identity Preserved (IP). This guarantees that the soybeans are from seedstock that has been certified as non-GMO.


Take 1 1/2 tablespoons daily, preferably with a meal. Mix in juice or shakes, or sprinkle on food.


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